Pay Per Visit

Single-focus Follow up Visits: $100: This is a 20-minute visit, focused on a single issue, such as medication monitoring and refills. Please be advised that regular office visits are required before medications refills can be issued.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
Multi-focus follow up visits $150: This is a 45min. visit, more inclusive.
Home visits: 200$ with appointment
IV sessions are cash pay only; unless IV hydration with insurance
Annual physicals 100$

Sports physicals 30$
PAP 150$
Injections-per membership pricing

 Monthly membership

Membership fees for unlimited visits and full benefits: see next page 69.99$/mo. 10$ each additional for child (this will be automatically withdrawn from your checking account)


Our membership is for patients who desire access to the benefits of Functional and Integrative Medicine without the hassles of co-pays or deductibles and fees. You may cancel at any time with a month’s notice.

We do not deny membership for pre-existing conditions or lack of insurance coverage. Clinic space is limited. Once you submit this application and complete your medical history form(s) we will contact you if we have any questions or concerns about our provider’s ability to properly care for you given your particular healthcare needs and our current patient capacity.

Benefits include:

After your initial 2 visits, your membership includes monthly office appointments. In addition to the standard lab work–testing your kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, cholesterol, and blood counts–we may also utilize a variety of specialty labs to dig into the root causes of your illness.

  • Longer visits with no wait time, extended hours for those who work (we never double-book!)
  • No upcharge for the kits we send out
  • Annual micronutrient cocktail on your birthday
  • IV hydration with acute care visit if necessary (limited to 1 IV hydration/quarter)
  • Breathing treatments if necessary
  • Routine injections: toradol, Methyl. B12 (8$)
  • Strep. Testing
  • 10% discount on all supplements purchased at Thrive
  • Annual physical; including DOT, Sports, Work
  • Annual PAP/GYN exam
  • On-site lab testing
  • Wholesale lab pricing if insurance not used
  • Secure online patient portal where you can order prescription refills and schedule appointments
  • Binder provided with individualized plan of care
  •  Complimentary HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes that last 20min, followed by a 10min. meditation/yoga/stretching component. Classes will be held in early mornings and evenings; check website/Facebook page for schedule. 
  •  Organic garden that our members can participate in sowing, weeding and harvesting as part of the membership. We want to create a community of health and fellowship!
  • Group classes held monthly (new speakers to be announced)
  • Functional testing most can be partially billed through insurance, some include; These specialty labs can measure hormone levels, toxins/heavy metals, your metabolic status or possible infections. We’ll determine which labs you may need from a thorough analysis of your medical history and physical exam. We personalize the testing approach for each patient, using what we believe will be most likely to provide answers.            

Examples of testing beyond standard labs: Methylation Cycle Panels, Oxidative Stress Testing, Micronutrient testing- CoQ10/Zinc/Copper etc., Full Thyroid Panels; including free levels and antibody testing, Food Sensitivity,Allergy Testing,Adrenal Fatigue Testing,Hormone Panels,Advanced Cholesterol Panels,Vitamin / Mineral Testing,Energy Cycle Testing,Organic Toxin Testing,Lyme Testing,Lyme Co-Infection Testing,Heavy Metal 


We hope we can meet your needs with your insurance plan. We are in network with BCBS, Cigna, Tricare, United Healthcare, Liberty and MediShare presently. Please call the back of your insurance card to be sure that Jackie Warner, FNP-BC is in network if you have any questions. We do offer LabCorp. on site as well. Please check to make sure your insurance company is in network with them so we can proceed with lab testing.  If not in network with LabCorp. we offer test orders for other labs as needed. If you are not in network with Mrs. Warner, no problem, we offer 2 options: Pay per visit or a Membership-see below for more information:

For cash pay clients , who are new functional patients, we ask that you pay 330$ on your first visit which includes a new patient fee, initial visit and 2 week follow up visit; each being approx. 60min. in length see below

What to Expect as a patient:

Initial Visit lasts approximately 60 min and consists of a full physical, extensive medical history analysis, customized Specialty lab testing based on your needs and goals. An In Body Analysis will be performed at this visit to evaluate your intracellular fluid/muscle and fat mass composition. Jackie asks that you come fasting for at least 4 hours and if on natural thyroid medication, please hold your dose at least 4 hours before your visit as well. For women interested in having hormones evaluated, the best time for the first visit would be on either days 19, 20 or 21 of menstrual cycle. (Day 1 is the first day of bleeding) Also, please avoid use of biotin for at least 48 hours prior to first visit.

Initial Follow up visit   lasts 60min and is scheduled  two weeks after your initial visit.  This is where she takes a deep dive into your personalized functional health plan she has developed. Here she will review labs in detail and discuss your individualized plan, including diet and lifestyle management. 

4 week 'check in' visit-30min.-this is a follow to see how the plan is working for you and to make any adjustments as needed

Visits thereafter are based on your needs-refer to your binder for follow plan

We offer acute care visits as well-we try to get you in the same day whenever able

We are currently in network with most commercial insurances except  Aetna, Medicare and TennCare.
  In addition, we are enrolled with medical expense-sharing plans such as Medi-Share and Liberty Share.  If you have a plan that is not listed, email and we'll try to help! Please call the number on the back of your card to be sure. We use Lab Corp. on site; please check with your provider for coverage.