What to Expect as a patient:

All new patients will be scheduled for 2 office visits upon completion of intake forms. Payment is due with the first visit and includes the following:

Initial Visit lasts approximately 60 min and consists of a full physical, extensive medical history analysis, customized Specialty lab testing based on your needs and goals. An In Body Analysis will be performed at this visit to evaluate your intracellular fluid/muscle and fat mass composition. Jackie asks that you come fasting for at least 4 hours and if on natural thyroid medication, please hold your dose at least 4 hours before your visit as well. For women interested in having hormones evaluated, the best time for the first visit would be on either days 19, 20 or 21 of menstrual cycle. (Day 1 is the first day of bleeding) Also, please avoid use of biotin for at least 48 hours prior to first visit.

Second initial Follow up visit is 2 weeks after the first and  lasts 60min. This is where she takes a deep dive into your personalized functional health plan she has developed. Here she will review labs in detail and discuss your individualized plan, including diet and lifestyle management. 

Visits thereafter are based on your needs-refer to your binder for follow plan

We offer acute care visits as well-we try to get you in the same day whenever able

We are currently working with most commercial insurance companies. Please call the number on the back of your card and ask if Jackie Warner is in network. Jackie does not work with medicare/medicaid/or any insurances on the exchange. We do ask for a 30$ new patient fee to cover the cost of a binder with handouts and your Inbody analysis done at the initial visit. 

Patient cash prices are as follows:​

All New Patients not using insurance

  • 350$ paid in full with first visit. This covers both initial visit and the 2 week follow up visit.

Established patients

  • 60 min. visits 150$
  • 30 min. visits 85$
  • Acute visits 10-15min. 50$ Limited to single complaint only please
  • Phone consults- up to 30min. 60$

IV therapy Offered at Thrive

  • Micronutrient (Meyer's cocktail IV)                 125$
  • Glutathione IV push   50$
  • IV Vitamin C 25gms (Antioxidant support)   150$
  • High Dose Vitamin C   175$; requires a lab draw and evaluation before initiating
  • B12 injections      20$ individual-4 for 60$
  •  MIC Ultra (liposomal) B12  22$ or 4/70$

We will be adding other specialty IVs very soon